Versatile with unrivaled durability, ORCO manufactured concrete pavingstones (commonly called pavers) are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing yet offering an exceptionally long life cycle. Complementary sized shapes create modules and unique patterns . . . bringing both simple and complex designs to life. Wide palette of colors – blends, solids, and high SRI values – promote mixing to create exceptional personalization for designers and homeowners alike. Aged (also called tumbled), shot blast, and burnish paver finishes further enhance the final product design.




Estate: texture and age, bringing a natural cut stone appearance


Riviera: smooth and weathered, reflecting a time gone by


Palazzo: shadows define the shapes and add depth


Plaza Stones: modern and contemporary linear stones


Provencal: picturesque cobblestones 


Venetian: intricate geometric designs


Environmental: stormwater management


Classic: versatile favorites


Pedestal Roof Systems: superior functionality


Specialty Stones: accents for any project


Patio Stones: sidewalks, patios, courtyards and terraces


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