ORCO Block & Hardscape (ORCO) is a leading Southern California manufacturer of Concrete Masonry Units, ORCO Concrete Pavingstones, Segmental Retaining Wall units, OBP Specialty Mortars, Outdoor Fireplace Units and ORCO Natural Stone. With over 75 years of service, ORCO has earned the reputation for high quality products, outstanding customer service, and leadership in environmentally responsive solutions. All of our products contribute to Low Impact Development, drought tolerance, and LEED solutions.


  1. 1946---Grandpa-3

    Pete Muth, his father, brother-in-law, and an outside business partner establish ORCO Block Co. At the time, it was very much a hand operation and only 4 inch high units were produced. Although in its infancy, ORCO was about to undergo a remarkable evolution.

  2. 1952

    ORCO grew quickly and in 1952 a second plant was built. Today, ORCO operates in 7 locations throughout Southern California including a mortar bagging plant, and state-of-the-art Pavingstones facility dedicated to only paver production, servicing western United States entirely.

  3. 1963---1950-slump_3

    Colored block had made its big debut, then Slump Block in the ‘60s was big, so much so in fact OC’s newest thriving community specifies ORCO’s Slump in “Mission”, the color created for the release of its newest neighborhood, Mission Viejo. Today, ORCO produces more than 500 stock items various in colors, textures, sizes, weights, and aesthetics.

  4. 1975---1983_1

    Pete’s son, Rick joins the company as assistant office manager. Today, he is President, overseeing the day-to-day operations. His two daughters, Veronica and Stephanie, are the 3rd generation to be a part of the family business.

  5. 1980s

    Split Block kicked CMU specification into the architectural realm in the ‘70s, opening the doors for product innovation in the ‘80s. In addition to new Burnished and Shot Blast machines, ORCO produces its first Pavingstone.

  6. 1990s

    Product diversification continues as ORCO produces its first Segmental Retaining Wall unit (SRW), adding to its hardscape line. Today, ORCO hardscapes include pavingstones, permeable pavingstones, fireplace kits, pizza ovens, and mortarless wall systems.

  7. 2000's

    ORCO focuses on insulating capabilities that lead to the creation of the first Hi R H block, which can provide an insulation R-value as high as 15.  Environmental leadership is a cornerstone for ORCO, which helped develop the industry’s first PCR (Product Category Rules) that is now used nationally in completing EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations).  EPDs are critical to the future of Southern California, documenting the environmental impact and carbon footprint of manufacturing.

  8. variegated manor

    In the 2010’s, ORCO installs state-of-the-art block machines that have unprecedented multi-color capabilities.  ORCO’s Variegated block set a new holistic and vibrant color standard, where block can be installed without traditional sorting. 

  9. 2021

    Thanks to our customers, our family business is now 75 years old! From humble beginnings our reputation for quality quickly spread. Today, our quest to discover unparalleled products continues. We’re honored your business is with us as we enter our 75th year. Thank you!




ORCO adds value to any project. We are a resource to assist development, design, engineering and construction communities, and homeowners. Our staff includes a Registered Civil Engineer, Architectural Design Manager, 6 LEED Accredited Professionals, Architectural Representatives, and Customer Service & Sales Representatives.

ORCO is synonymous with building in Southern California. Our impact can be seen in virtually every community: numerous residential developments, entertainment centers, commercial projects, civic buildings and landmark universities. ORCO’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, design and environmental sustainability has allowed us decades of local manufacturing.