Variegated Colors

Variegated Borrego Wall Construction and Pallets

Set Your Project Apart

The unique blended look of ORCO’s Variegated Block provides color variations and tones that work in harmony with any surroundings, adding a distinct finish to both commercial and residential projects. ORCO has become the first block manufacturer in the Western United States to offer a 3-color blend, and produces 4 unique variegated finishes. Discover which ORCO Variegated Block works best for your project!

Off-the-Pallet Installation

ORCO’s Variegated Block features a perfect blend of color that seamlessly flows together right off the pallet. This eliminates the need to sort the block beforehand, saving both time and energy during construction.


Photos above are for color reference only. Always verify actual color and texture with physical samples. Other color and finishes are available on a special order basis at additional cost. Select the Color & Finishes tab above to see all current colors and finishes, including colors with high Solar Reflective Index (SRI).