From the Desk of Rick Muth


To Our Customers:

I want to start by thanking many of you for your kind words and unconditional support during our on-going union labor negotiations.  Unfortunately, the Union representing our Production / Yard staff has targeted some of your companies by passing out flyers and putting up signs in front of your stores . . . all done with the hope of disrupting your normal business and influencing your customers to buy our competitor’s block.  The flyers encourage your customers to call me to voice their support for better pay and working conditions.  It’s an informational campaign – THERE’S NO STRIKE.

THOSE INDIVIDUALS IN FRONT OF YOUR STORES ARE NOT ORCO EMPLOYEES – they come from the Union.  How can it make any sense for our staff to convince customers not to buy ORCO products?  As we all know, lost sales mean that we adjust staff accordingly.  Additionally, our ORCO workers have complained to us about the Union leaving them in the dark and more than once have been answered untruthfully by their Union.

WE CAN’T GET THE UNION TO THE TABLE.  We met with the Union in late January and they originally told us they couldn’t meet for another 2 months.  When we protested, they insisted the best they could do is 1 month.  I have tried to meet regularly with the Union, but they are difficult and nonchalant about meeting.  The Union is clearly not representing the best interests of our staff.  We’d like to continue the discussion on pay rates, but we are having a hard time getting the Union to the table.


• We have offered the best wage package in the last 30 years – certain wages increasing $2 per hour.

• We paid $1.2 million to take over the underfunded Union pension for our workers. 20+ years later, in 2019, the Union led retirement fund is still underfunded while ours is 100% funded. 

• We offer a new defined contribution pension, which is modern, up to date, guaranteed by ORCO assets, and works in tandem with the prior pension.

UNION FLYERS CLAIM “WORKING CONDITIONS.”  I can’t find anyone who can explain what that means.  There’s been no issue or conversations about working conditions.  Since the union began this flyer campaign on February 9th, I have received exactly one call from a person that would not say their last name and left a fake phone number. 

To those that have experienced the aggravation of union flyers and signs, I want to thank you for both your patience and support.  We have always done our best to treat our customers and staff with honesty and integrity.  ORCO hasn’t changed.  We can’t stop the Union from these shenanigans, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO ALLOW THEM ON YOUR PROPERTY.   Some of you have asked what you can do.  Simply, if they appear at your company, please let the Union know how ineffective the campaign has been.  More importantly, ENCOURAGE THE UNION TO GET BACK TO THE BARGAINING TABLE AND MEET WITH US. 

To help bring this to a head, ORCO filed a complaint against the Union with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on February 20, 2019.  I don’t blame our workers.  And I have a tremendous amount of respect for the entire ORCO team – including those represented by the Union.  Moving forward, we hope the Union will show up to finalize a contract and quit hurting our loyal staff.

Rick Muth
ORCO Block & Hardscape